The branch of the Almaty City Bar Association "Center for training and professional development of advocates" 

The center of training and professional development of advocates (further in the text – the Center) is created on the basis of Specialized legal consultation "Advocate" on November 6, 1998 and is a structural division of the Almaty city Bar (further in the text – Bar). By solution of Conference of the Almaty city Bar, the Center is transformed to Branch of Board on May 22, 2010. 

The head of the Center of training - Gulnar B. Baygazina 

Deputy Head - PhD, Associate Professor Daniyar K. Kanafin

Gulnar B. Baygazina


The head of the Center of training

Daniyar K. Kanafin

PhD, Associate Professor

Deputy Head

The main activity of the Center is:

  • the organization of training of the persons applying for obtaining the license for occupation by advocate activity;
  • carrying out work on increase of professional qualification of advocates;
  • the analysis, generalizations, distribution and an exchange of positive experience between advocates and other representatives of a legal profession.

In the activity the Center is guided by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Advocate Practice", the Charter of the Bar, resolutions of Presidium of the Bar (further – "Presidium"), the Provision on specialized legal consultation "Advocate ", the Provision on trainees of Advocates, the Provision on Branch of "Almaty City Bar", "Center of training and professional development of advoctes", other normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The general management of the Center is performed by the manager of branch of the Bar "Specialized legal consultation "Advocate" who is appointed by Presidium of the Bar. The deputy head of the Center organizes actions for professional development of advocates and performs other work according to functions. The deputy head of the Center is also appointed by Presidium of the Bar. Control over activity of the Center is exercised by Presidium of the Bar.
Training and professional development are organized in accordance with specifics of categories of listeners and the individual plan of their preparation, and includes lectures, a practical training, seminars, trainings and other forms of classroom work.
Training is carried out on the basis of the contract on training. The package of documents necessary for the conclusion of the contract on passing of training is represented in Presidium of the Bar.
Professional development is carried out in the order and forms determined by the Center including:

  • by means of carrying out lectures, seminars, presentations, a practical training;
  • carrying out other actions.

At implementation of the activity, the Center also cooperates with government bodies, establishments, the international and non-governmental organizations, carries out collecting, the analysis and publication of scientific and educational and methodical material on various questions, and also participates in the activity directed on improvement of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in various spheres.