Dear visitors of the site!

Let me welcome you on behalf of the largest and the most dynamically developing Bar Association in Kazakhstan!

Advocates of the Almaty City Bar Association (ACBA) are a driving force and especially active part of domestic lawyer community.

That the members of our Bar Association most essentially protect the rights not only the clients but also the interests of the entire legal profession in the government and public bodies involved in the working groups of ministries and departments of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, defend the independence and autonomy of our professional community in international forums, both in the country, and beyond its limits. ACBA is a defender of the moral principles of the profession, the guardian of the experience and traditions of the legal profession.

It is possible to state that exactly the Almaty city Bar represents the main link in the system of rendering the legal aid in our country at the moment and brings together the most qualified, experienced and principled advocates. Advocates of ACBA provide quality legal assistance to all categories of cases, without exception, in every corner of our country and abroad. Our advocates are the most demanded lawyers in Kazakhstan. From three advocates recognized by the Union of lawyers as the best advocates of 2008, 2009 and 2010 years, all three are the members of our Bar Association.

The center of training and professional development of advocates works in ACBA where classes for trainees are given on a regular basis, constant advanced training courses for members of board are organized. Annually about two hundred advocates attend classes with the purpose to improve the skills which are given by the scientific and practical workers with extensive experience in advocacy, as well as by invited experts from other disciplines: psychologists, criminologists, forensic specialists in the field of taxation and finance

Our Bar Association actively cooperates with international organizations, including the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the American Bar Association, Delegation of the European Union, and others. Bar Association annually participates in conferences, seminars, workshops and round tables.

Our Bar Association issues “the Advokaty” magazine which has become a good platform for exchange of views in the legal environment.  Many advocates of ACBA publish their works in scientific journals, and actively advocate in the media, are not afraid to discuss the enforcement and protection of human rights openly and publicly. More than 15 advocates of ACBA have academic degrees and ranks, some of them teach in various higher education institutions of our city.

ACBA is ready to provide you the qualified legal aid regardless of complexity and specifics of a legal situation in which you appeared. We hope that the information resource brought to your attention will help you to make the correct decision at the advocates’s choice.

Yours faithfully,
Chairman of the Presidium of ACBA
Nabira M. Neyasova

Nabira Neyasova

Chairman of the Presidium of ACBA